RockMelt Browser

Not a browser. A WOWser.

RockMelt is providing a fundamentally better Web experience by re imagining the browser around how you use the internet today.

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RockMelt is a new web browser that integrates Facebook and Twitter features. It is developed using the Chromium open source engine, the same used by Google to develop the Google Chrome web browser. RockMelt is a project that is still under development. You can download the program, but you will not be able to install it until you receive an invitation from the developers (you can ask for an invitation through the site) or another user. Once you receive that invitation, after installing the program, you will be able to invite six friends to use the program.

In order to use the program, you must log into your Facebook account.
RockMelt looks a lot like Google Chrome.The main difference is that it has two lateral bars dedicated to Facebook and Twitter. The first one, on the left of the main frame, will let you see which of your friends are online or in your favorites list. Right-clicking on a friend´s icon you can chat with him/her (if he/she is online), write on the user´s wall, send messages, add the user to your favorites and so on. On the right end of the screen you will have icons that will let you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as invite your friends to use RockMelt. On the left corner of this browser you will see a tab that will give you an access to all the settings for this browser.

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